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Toy Choir TV Auditions

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Toy Choir TV AUDITIONS HAVE NOW CLOSED - IF you would like to register your interest or join our training program please click here:


TOY CHOIR TV is auditioning for 12 girls ages 10-14. We are looking for diverse singers, who will be capable of learning to play an instrument, and who have the ability or desire to shine in front of a camera.

The girls will be able to learn and perform original Toy Choir songs, singing and playing the ukulele


Skills learnt: screen-filming skills, performing choral songs, performing in public on stage, ukulele skills, singing in an ensemble


Must be available for all rehearsal/recording dates

May 7th (10am-12pm)

May 14th (10am-12pm)

May 21st (10am-12pm)

May 28th (10am-12pm)

4th June (10am-12pm)

11th June (10am-12pm)

18th June (12pm-2pm)

25th June (10am-12pm)

11th-16th July - Performance & recording week

If you are unavailable for those audition times please email

Toy choir audition
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