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Toy Choir 2022 School Holiday Workshop

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Thank you for singing and strumming with us these school holidays in the Toy Choir Songwriting Workshop!


We've had a lot of fun this week, learning to sing, playing the ukulele, making colourful animations and writing original songs. We have created video clips of these songs for you all to keep!

Below we have some images from this week alongside a link to enrol in the Toy Choir in 2023 - come join us on Saturday mornings if you enjoyed this week of singing!

We hope you enjoyed this workshop!



Toy Choir 2020 image.png
Copy of Toy Choir Yellow .png
Toy Choir 2020 image.png


A cross-age ensemble of girls aged 10 -18.

Learn to sing, play the ukulele and write your own songs as well as Toy Choir's iconic original songs.






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(includes a ukulele and online classes)



We are a Creative Kids provider and accept voucher to contribute to term fees

Scholarships available



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